Mittwoch, Mai 25, 2011

And this is surprising?

When three of the most famous astronauts that ever lived write an op-ed about US space policy, it's worth a read.


As far as the Obama Administration is concerned, America does not need to waste money on a space program. That's the clear message being set.

And this is surprising?

President Obama comes from that portion of the Democratic Party that views space flight as a waste of money, with the money being spent better "at home" (ignoring the fact that the money was spent at home: what they really mean is that they want to use the money to create additional dependencies for the aggrandizement of their own power).

The real reason why NASA is being gutted and space programs being deleted? Because there is no constituency for the Democrats here, none that is beholden to them. I've told you here many times, President Obama is a Chicago Democrat: unless there is an in for him, a deal that helps and supports him, helps him directly, then forget about it.

What we have isn't so much a lack of vision, but rather a venal and self-serving vision that doesn't care about space travel. Why should he? It never did anything for him.

The election of President Obama was a disservice to the notion of nation that made Kennedy decide that we would go to the moon in 10 years. Given that challenge, the US government (NASA) and the aerospace industry surpassed that goal and did what no other country could do.

Today? What vision does President Obama bring to the nation? One of decay and a long, slow decline from the world's only superpower to a nation dismayed and divided. That way it's easier to exploit for personal and political gain.

Oh how have the mighty fallen...

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