Dienstag, November 16, 2010

The Fox Has Opened Up A KFC Franchise...

That has got to be one of the best lines in recent memory, from here. Scroll down a tad to find:

The city's Health Services Board, which decides what medical plans San Francisco uses and how they're implemented, has seven members — a majority of whom are elected by city employees to represent city employees. Every step of the retirement process is controlled by people who have a vested interest in it — literally. Not only is the fox guarding the henhouse, the fox has opened up a KFC franchise.

The man is right: the purpose of San Francisco, at this point, is not to run the city of San Francisco, but rather to ensure that the workers of San Francisco have some awfully nice pensions that the taxpayer has agreed to pay for.


You say that you didn't agree?

Sucker: your elected officials bowed before the public employee unions and you, the taxpayers of that lovely city, where you'll find people with flowers in their hair, are being sent the bills.

Ye gods.

Before you say that the politicians should have stopped this, understand that politicians and public unions are joined at the hip in San Francisco, Siamese twins that cannot survive or function without each other.

As it is, both have conspired to ensure that when push comes to shove, the taxpayer will be going to jail.

Ye gods.

And liberals wonder why they are unpopular? Why they lose elections?

We'll know that the lesson has percolated down to where it will really start to make a change when San Francisco gets its pension schemes in order and has jailed those responsible for fraud and conspiracy, The income from RICO should be enough to cover the court costs to tear that system down, but only public outrage - aka Tea Party - can ensure that it never happens again.

For the children's sake, you know. You can do this so that San Franciscans can still be known at people with flowers in their hair...

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