Mittwoch, November 03, 2010

Democratic Debacle...

Now that some of the dust has cleared and it's clear that the Democrats lost yesterday, let's take a look at the extent of the damage.

They lost the House with a shift of 60 seats: that's the largest shift since 1948.

But read this as well: the Democrats lost massively in State races.

North Carolina and Alabama have apparently forgiven the Party of Lincoln and their State Legislatures are now Republican for the first time since the Reconstruction (1870 and 1876, respectively).

Also turning Republican: Wisconsin (!) and New Hampshire legislatures.

State Houses in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Montana, and Colorado: now Republican.

Both the Maine and Minnesota Senates: now Republican.

Democrats in Texas and Tennessee saw their virtual tie eliminated, with Texas so solidly Republican that they have the absolute majority and can now pass state constitutional amendments of the the legislative process without Democrat support.

Awesome. Use that power wisely...

Oh, and a small prediction: many companies still in California will find that while the weather isn't quite so perfect in Texas, being able to stay in business is a worthwhile reason to move. California will apparently have to fall flat on its face before reforms can take hold there that will actually do anything to address the problems facing that state.

In one way, the radical environmentalists are right: people invariably destroy nature. The best example for that is now California, where that state, blessed with natural resources, a fantastic climate and scenery, will have to have an epic fail before the current, toxic generation of Democrats can be purged from the system. Governor Moonbeam will lead the way, I am sure, with the rest of the Californian Democrats following him like rats following the Piper from Hameln.

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