Mittwoch, Oktober 20, 2010

Well, Did You Expect Anything Different?

I've said it before: President Obama is a Chicago politician, through and through.

So this should come as no surprise. Corruption masquerading as incompetence. This is systematic and deeply, deeply ingrained in the political machinery of the Democratic Party. This is one of the most corrupt and venal administrations we've seen since Tammany Hall. The Columbian Order has returned (if indeed it has really ever left the spirit of the Democratic Party.

The key is exploiting immigrants in the guise of "helping them out". Watch for exactly this come, say, 2011, heading into 2012. Immigration reform that legalizes the illegals with the clear aim of turning them into Democratic voters, ones that will influence elections for decades to come. It is a problem that the Democrats have deliberately created in order to exploit. Fast-process "social integration" with massively expedited, legally dubious naturalization that will make a mockery of the system. This worked in New York, this worked in Chicago, and now it looks like this is going to be applied to the rest of the country.

It reminds me of the famous Brecht quote:

The people have lost the confidence of the government; the government has decided to dissolve the people, and to appoint another one.

That is exactly what the Democratic Party is trying to do: they are losing their base, and so they have decided to appoint a new one.

Be warned.

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