Dienstag, Oktober 26, 2010


...but the man has a point.

Read this.

His fundamental point, that there is a real sense of betrayal out there, is fundamental for the development of what is generically called The Tea Party and which may well change the face of US politics.

Not because there are powerful backers, but because of the absolute frustration and disgust that so many have for politics and politicians.

It's not so much that so many are corrupt and enriching themselves, but more so that there a real sociopaths out there who really enjoy screwing the system up for profit and gain. Read this to understand what he means by that.

Systematic cheating, corruption and abuse of the system has led to the dysfunctional system we now have in the US, where if you do everything wrong, you end up getting the most in benefits: the rewards for bad behavior greatly outweigh the rewards for right behavior.

Appearance trumps knowledge.

Without realizing it, without seeing it coming, the Sophists have triumphed: the truth is no longer something to be desired and searched for, but rather to be manipulated and re-defined until there is no meaning to it whatsoever.

Of course, when the Sophists triumph, chaos and anarchy follow, as there are no virtues any more.

Read this for more to understand how the fraud and anger are going to lead to an interesting 2. November. That is, unless voter fraud - which, if you research this, has been an exclusively Democratic act since the 1960s - takes that away as well. If that happens, then all bets are off: political instability will follow economic uncertainty.

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