Montag, August 09, 2010

This Ain't Our First County Fair...

Beautiful quote, that one, from a certain Dave Freudenthal, Governor of Wyoming.

Seems that the State of Wyoming has a shortfall in education funds that the US government isn't going to help out with. Not surprising, given the fact that, despite Mr. Freudenthal being a Democrat, Wyoming voted 65% for Senator McCain. If anything, it's the reddest of Red States.

So: what does the Governor want to do?

Simple: the State of Wyoming owns, among other things, land for which it has a mandate: to manage the land for maximum profit the generate funds for education in Wyoming. Some of this land is currently leased out to a rancher and generates a rather modest income of only $3000/year. Given the location of the land, it is worth quite a bit more, especially if it were leased out, say, to a developer in perpetuity. The land is valued, conservatively, at being worth around...$125 mio. The State of Wyoming has been talking with the Federal Government for over a decade about how to make better use of the land. They have gotten nowhere, and now the Governor is calling their bluff.

It's 550 hectares or 1360 hectares that make up part of ... Grand Teton National Park.

President Obama's choices have real-world consequences.

The real irony: Governor Freudenthal's name means, in German, "joy valley". Supremely ironical, to say the least...

Read the whole thing here.

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