Dienstag, August 10, 2010

The 2010 Election and Democratic Tactics...

The Democrats are set up right now, so goes the conventional wisdom, for an epic loss, with the House falling and possibly - but only possibly - even the Senate.

Will that happen?

Well, according to this and this, the Democrats are already working on their campaign strategy, and it is not pretty.

First: Scare tactics to paint the Republican party as failed and incapable of representing an alternative.

Second: subversion and preemption of the developing threat from the center, aka "Tea Party", both by painting them as racist extremists (this process is already underway) and by subverting the informal, loose organization from within with the aim of discrediting the movement and by putting up the weakest possible candidates.

Both are marks of desperation and exhaustion: desperation in the realization that the Democrats cannot run on their platform and actually win; exhaustion because it indicates that the Democrats have shot their wad, have reached the point of no return, fully and completely incapable of understanding that it is they who have lost touch with reality, not their opponents.

The 2010 election is going to be one of the most ugliest campaigns out there. It will be full of dirty tricks, a suborned and captive pet press that will be fully and completely part and parcel of the Democratic campaign, with only the internet and blogs really capable of providing alternative information to the propaganda that will commence come October. You will see the most outlandish stories appear just before the election, aimed at making alternative choices to Democratic candidates as unappealing as possible, with little or no time for rebuttal.

Welcome to Chicago, America. Vote the bastards out.

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