Montag, Juni 28, 2010

The True Face of Democrats...

Read this and understand.

There is no excuse for this. None. Either the country is a nation of laws, impartially and fairly applied by courts and lawyers wanting to find the truth, or the rule of law breaks down and we end up with the kind of politics of corruption, of deliberately and with malice aforethought playing racial groups against each other, decisive and destructive, deliberately manipulative and extraordinarily cynical.

But that's the true face of at least this President. I know that there are other Democrats out there. But as long as this is allowed to happen, indeed as long as this is actively promoted, it is a blot on the face of the Democratic Party, one that puts the party to shame.

This isn't about history and payback: this is about the rule of law. Abandon that, and you lose everything else.

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