Freitag, Juni 25, 2010

Totally Out Of Control...

How out of control is sheer government stupidity?

In California, welfare recipients were using their welfare money to gamble.

See this.

Key quote:

Democrats, who have been fighting to preserve the state's fraying social safety net in the face of a $19-billion budget gap, angrily rejected a Schwarzenegger proposal last month to eliminate the cash portion of welfare.

That was before anyone in Sacramento realized the money could be withdrawn by someone strolling from a poker game to a blackjack table.

Democratic leaders steered away from specifics while discussing calls for reform.

"We will conduct timely legislative oversight," said Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento). "We want to make sure all families are spending the money on the children it's intended to serve."

There is no hope for California at this point: "timely legislative oversight" my ass.

Excuse my vernacular, but this system is fucked.

People on welfare should feel poor and cash-strapped, because they're living off the taxpayers. It should be damned unpopular, embarrassing and something to be avoided. It has a role to play, but this?

There went $1.8mn in welfare benefits over 8 months. Paid for by suckers supporting the indulgent, made possible by the naive and complacent.

This is a clear example of what happens with no adult supervision.

Ye gods.

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