Freitag, April 23, 2010

Proof Of Insanity...

This is almost too good to be believed. Go read it and don't forget to pick up your jaw from the floor where it dropped.

It's good, but not good in the sense of "it's a good idea" but rather good in the sense of "perfect example of sheer insanity".

This is what happens when there is so much money flowing into government coffers (thanks to VAT and high levels of other taxation) that a few hundred million spent on what is basically a sop to voting groups with little money, but significant voting power (the poor and the elderly) is not automatically considered to be, and please pardon the vulgarity, absolute bat-shit-smoking insane.

Just wait for this idea to hit the US: all-expense paid visits to the Bronx and other tourism-disadvantaged areas.

Ye gods. This is clear and immediate proof of insanity.

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