Mittwoch, April 28, 2010

And Here I Thought...

...that Obama and the Democrats were the party of the little guy, the one who needs a helping hand when disaster strikes. After all, that's what government is there for, right?

Apparently not.

Read this.

Let's see if I have this right: the party that claims it is the champion of the common worker, advocate of minority rights, who wants to reign in the bankers, all that warm and fuzzy stuff, is actually the party that couldn't give a shit if a common worker loses his job as long as he's not union, fought hand-to-hand to prevent legislation protecting minority rights in the 1960s (when it counted), and is actually setting thing up for their banker friends so that they never have to worry about getting a bail-out ever again (see here).

So, I do have it right.

Ye gods. How can any Democrat look at themselves in a mirror and not feel ashamed?

The Obama Administration is one of the most corrupt out there (see this for yet another example: the Assistant Secretary for Energy has large investments in "green" technology companies that will benefit from any decision she way you can spin this that doesn't mean corruption: it's a clear conflict of interest that is being deliberately ignored and downplayed).

Let's not even talk about the monstrosity that is the health reform fiasco (because it is becoming more apparent, day by day, that it will not reduce costs and will make both insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies richer, while making doctors and other health workers poorer, while making insurance more expensive: nice work, there), but now of the attempt to rubber-stamp a financial "reform" bill that fails to reform anything, paying off nicely for the financial companies that supported the Democrats.

If anything, the financial reform bill makes things worse (in terms of consumer protection!) and not better.

But the decision to deny individual aid to storm victims - in Connecticut, no less! - just reeks of "Let them eat cake".

Imagine if this had happened under any Republican: the MSM would be frothing at the mouth about how horrible and mean it is to deny people in need.



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