Mittwoch, November 11, 2009

Profit Motives, Greens and Al Gore...

The driving force behind any economic activity is the profit motive: ignoring the idealistic and the altruistic portions of society (too few to make a meaningful impact anywhere outside of a Star Trek Federation fantasy society), people do things because it is in their own interest to do so: the profit motive is what drives human activity, not merely purely economic activity, but virtually all activity if you include non-material profits in the analysis.

This is what makes the drive to remove profit motives from health care doomed from the start.

But that's not the central part of this post.

This time it's the hypocrisy of our favorite eco-freak, Al Gore.

As can be read here.

Al Gore funds not just one, but two climate change non-profits.

But not ... entirely out of the goodness of his heart: they are essentially propagandists that support the work that his ... other activities do.

Like financing (and hence owning the technology of) alternative energy sources.

Which will only be feasible of their use is legislated, as they cannot compete in any way, shape or form in current energy markets.

So remember that when the vote comes down to force the use of technologies "to save the planet", you're not going to be saving the planet.

But you will be making Al Gore richer.

So even the holiest of holiest in the Green scene is driven by ... the profit motive.

Ain't capitalism great? Even when it's not supposed to be capitalism...just that it is. But with a different face.

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