Mittwoch, November 04, 2009

Fox In Amongst The Chickens...

This is what happens when you let the fox guard the hen house.

Now, Barney Frank's a clever fox: he wants to keep his job guarding the hen house and hence doesn't go and kill the chickens himself. Rather, he sets it up so that his other fox buddies can get the chickens; he'll get his own share.

This is the abandonment of clear and understandable standards and the introduction of ad-hoc standards settings without any reasonable control whatsoever over who sets the standards.

Having emptied out savings of the country, the Democrats now want to be able to remake the financial industry into a spoils system that will, of course, reward the diligent and obeying and punish those who dare pursue their own goals and fail to bow to the wisdom of their betters.

And I am, of course, not in any way, shape or form suggesting that Barney Frank is in any way foxy. If anything, the exact opposite.

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