Dienstag, Dezember 09, 2008

Are They Insane Redux: Chicago and Corruption...

These two seem to go hand-in-hand, and are really indicative of the status of the Democratic Party not merely in Chicago, but in general: after all, the national party puts up with the severe corruption in Chicago.

How severe?

Well, the Governor - surprising the the MSM even mentions that he is a Democrat, but yes, he is - wanted to sell Obama's seat in the US Senate. He is the one who decides who will fill the seat after Obama was elected.

It's not so much the corruption...no, it is the corruption.

Chicago politics are deeply and probably irreversibly corrupt. The corruption doesn't just occur at the top, but goes down to the lowest level of public society and even beyond. This isn't some sort of accident, but is fundamentally part of a corruption society, of a cult of corruption, a cult of quid-pro-quo that would make the most decadent days of Rome look tame in comparison.

We're not talking garden-variety corruption, of getting a free swimming pool in exchange for some contracts. We're talking about taking money to chose who would be the US Senator from the State of Illinois. One newspaper put it so: staggering even by Illinois standards. The governor has been described as a sociopath and reckless. Duh.

This is the society that Barack Obama came from. Read this to see more. It's not some wacko bizarro blogger, but from ABC News - gee, where were they 6 months ago???? - and goes back to 2004 at least.

Lovely way to start a presidency.

Oh, and the top fundraiser for Blagojevich, the Governor? Guy by the name of Rezko. Offered Obama a job, bought a million-dollar home from the guy.

This is where Obama comes from.

There's a corruption timeline here.

How did he ever get elected?

Criminal complaint here.

How could the party ever accept this?

The criminal complaint is 76 pages long.

How can anyone continue to be a Democrat in Chicago?

Oh, and the former governor? Jim Ryan? Also in prison.

What a cesspool. Don't get me wrong: Chicago is a great place.

But doubly so if you are a corrupt politician.

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