Montag, Dezember 01, 2008

Another Accomplishment of President Bush...

As President Bush prepares to leave office, there is one "accomplishment" that virtually none are even aware of.

I use quotes around "accomplishment" because he really didn't have anything to do with it, but like so many things that happened on his watch, he'd be blamed ordinarily for what has happened. But this is a case where there will be no voices raised in condemnation and disdain, but rather the whole thing is being very quietly shoved under the carpet with the hope that no one will notice.

President Bush was first elected 8 years ago.

Since then, global temperatures have been falling.

Jeez, don't you think that he'd get at least a little respect out of that one? For all the watermelons out there, the gospel is that warming is here and incontrovertible, the science is settled, and unless we spend all our wealth working against global warming, the human race, if not the whole biosphere, is doomed to die a death of heat exhaustion. The planet will end up a hothouse world, much like Venus.

But global temperatures have been falling for the last 8 years.

Then why is there still the hue and cry, the call to arms to save the world?

Because for many, it's a great way to make money. Read this and see. It's a review of a book called Red Hot Lies: How Global Warming Alarmists Use Threats, Fraud and Deception to Keep You Misinformed.


...we are getting a one-sided discussion of climate change because most media outlets, politicians, activists and a substantial section of big business have – in a variety of ways – got an interest in keeping it that way. ... 'This affirms a world view of many people: "Man is wretched, an agent of doom"; "There's just about enough of [the moral people] and way too many of everyone else"; "Markets are horrible and the state needs to be much bigger"; "Development is terrible". All of those movements find refuge in the global warming industry.'

On politicians:

'[Global warming] allows them the option of cheap virtue – cheap to them, expensive to us – of satisfying constituencies for something that's never solved. They get to emote and spend; there's something in it for everyone.' And rumour has it that they now get to bypass the legislature, too. ... there is talk that Barack Obama will attempt to get a climate change treaty ratified by simply reclassifying the necessary legislation as an 'executive agreement', making passage through the Senate considerably easier. That would be at odds with the spirit of the American Constitution, which demands the Senate's 'advice and consent' on major treaties.

And on the commitment to scientific research and the remorseless search for the truth:

The result ... is an outlook in which criticism of the global warming consensus is regarded as heresy. The world, we are told, is going to burn unless a particular set of emissions-restricting policies are introduced. Anyone who even dares suggest otherwise is ridiculed or smeared as being in the pay of Big Oil – a baseless slander .... Meanwhile, the wealthy benefactors and corporate interests that have the potential to gain enormously from climate change legislation are barely mentioned.

Go and read the rest: it is a lesson in human gullibility, culpability and cynicism.

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