Mittwoch, August 06, 2008

Obama, the Man of the Masses...of Cash, That Is...

Obama is telling everyone how he got lots and lots of money "from the little guys".

What he isn't saying is that he got nearly as much from the rich.

Look here.

Look at this:

An analysis of campaign finance records shows that about two-thirds of his bundlers are concentrated in four major industries: law, securities and investments, real estate and entertainment. Lawyers make up the largest group at about 130, with many working for firms that also have lobbying arms. At least 100 Obama bundlers are top executives or brokers from investment businesses - nearly two dozen work for financial titans like Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. About 40 others come from the real-estate industry.

The biggest fund-raisers include people like Julius Genachowski, a former senior official at the Federal Communications Commission and a technology executive who is new to big-time political fund-raising; Robert Wolf, president and chief operating officer of UBS Investment Bank; James Torrey, a New York hedge fund investor; and Charles Rivkin, an animation studio head in Los Angeles.

In other words, these are the groups to whom Obama is going to be beholden to, and looking at them ... it ain't gonna be pretty if he gets elected. Investment banking bailouts galore, along with loopholes for the rich in the tax code...

Obama has pledged not to accept donations from federally registered lobbyists or political action committees. But some top donors clearly have policy and political agendas. Hedge fund executives, for example, have bundled large sums for Obama at a time their industry has been looking to increase its clout in Washington.

So he continues to say one thing and pretty much do the opposite. Mr. Flip-Flop indeed...

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