Mittwoch, August 27, 2008

Broder, The Peace Movement and Polemics...

It's nice to see that my opinion of the Peace Movement is shared by others. Specifically, Henryk M. Broder says this (my translation...) here:

Hello Peace Friends!

For the first time, a war is over before you could run off to a demo. You guys were surprised not only be the Georgians, but also the Russians. Yep, if Putin and Medvedev would've let you know a week or so in advance, then you'd have had enough time to get organized, paint some posters ("No Blood For Oil!") and written a protest resolution. But everything just happened soooo fast. The human shields which showed up in Baghdad to protect Saddam and his gang from US bombs didn't even have a chance to get out of their pajamas; the Arafat Groupies, who barricaded themselves in the Mukata with the "Rais" in order to experience the final battle, I guess their trip to Georgia was a tad too difficult, and Konstantin Wecker, God's punishment for Christian Anders, is too old to give solo concerts in crisis zones. So you simply didn't do anything and let the Russians do their thing. Besides, it wasn't clear who started, and until that could be decided, you couldn't decide whom to protest.

Well, in the meantime we know a tad more. We know how the Russians have plundered and thieved in Georgia, how they - literally - rolled over anything in their way, and most importantly: what they think about the sovereignty of a sovereign nation which doesn't dance to Moscow's tune. You also don't believe that the Russians marched to protect the Ossetians, since you know that that when Chechnya wanted its independence, that the Russians flattened Grozny without hearing as much as a burp from y'all. But that doesn't bother you folks, dearest Peace Friends, because the fight for peace is just an excuse to go crazy, the do the crazy anti-imperialist, anti-american, anti-zionist leftist-alternative dance. You dance to the tune of Guantanamo, Gaza, Heiligendamm and dance to the tune of your ideologies, which haven't been aired out for years.

You can't think of anything to say about Darfur, and you can't be bothered to see a suicide bomber killing 43 in Algiers, but if a couple of terrorists have to sell their brand new laptops in order to buy themselves some used Kalashnikovs, then your knees get weak and you despair about the unfolding human catastrophe.

To call y'all degenerated primates is an insult to each and every proper gorilla. You're heartless zombies, headless mutants, ball-less carpet beaters. You are you. You deserve each other.

Now, I had to change some of the comparisons there because the idioms don't translate well (Lass den Sau raus = Let the sow out, doesn't cut the mustard, hence "do the crazy dance"), but Mr. Broder: BINGO.

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