Dienstag, März 25, 2008

The Truly Opressed...

Read the following and tell me what country we are talking about:

There is a country, with over 1400 years of history, with a unique culture, religion and ethnic blends. Over 1 million of its inhabitants have been killed by the country occupying it; the culture is being systematically obliterated; of the 6200 religious buildings, 6000 have been destroyed. There is no freedom of the press and the world knows virtually nothing about this repression.

Palestine? Zimbabwe? South Africa? Venezuela? Cuba?

Of course not. If it was about these countries, you'd be reading about it all the time in the papers.

It's Tibet.

Read this and try to understand: the government of China is not your friend. There are seven reasons why no one seems to care.

And every day the killing continues. But hey, as long as you can get cheap DVD players and throw-away consumer goods, what does that matter?

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