Sonntag, März 23, 2008


This has got to hurt.


Not only is the earth not warming - global temperatures have fallen since 1998 or, if you prefer, they have stabilized since 2002 - but data on some of the fundamental model mechanisms in use to estimate the development of global climate has turned out to contradict these models entirely.

In other words, the models postulate one thing, but data collected via NASA's Aqua satellite since 2002 shows that this effect has, in the parlance of the trade, a different sign. In other words, the models are wrong.

Models are always wrong. They can be useful. In this case, if they are showing the opposite effect of reality, then the models are not useful.

And given the abuse of the model results by the global warming fetishists, the models are downright dangerous.

I enjoy saying "Told ya so". It'll be interesting to see if there is literally anything in the MSM about this.

I sincerely doubt it.

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