Freitag, Januar 19, 2007

Further corruption at the UN...

Apparently the corruption at the UN is so endemnic that it's going to be hard to find something that isn't corrupt.

This was in today's online WSJ.

Apparently Iraq wasn't bad enough: now the UN's "humanitarian" dealings with the North Koreans has become a major source of funding for the NoKors, enabling them to pursue their nuclear dreams.

Great. The UN, the home of international diplomacy, that center of the universe for the transnationalists, the purported prototype World Government, has undermined itself, paying those who flaunt UN resolutions, enabling them to spend money on weapons whilst allowing their population to starve.

Can't we agree that the UN is increasingly the problem and not the solution? Or will history wonder why the UN, located in New York, financed the bomb that destroyed New York?

The countries of the Axis of Evil - Iran and Korea, Syria as well - have no idea of the rage that will visit them if their dreams of delivering a weapon of mass destruction to the US, the Great Satan, are realized. While such an attack would hurt, it would change their lives forever. History is littered with the utter destruction of people who thought that the US was decadent, soft, weak and incapable of fighting.

Guess that more will join that list. Pity the poor souls who will pay the price.

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