Dienstag, Januar 23, 2007

Eschatological Heresy...

This came out of a recent post over at NeoNeoCon . That's a blog worth reading... :-)

There is a common name to mass psychoses of this type - eschatological heresy. They began circulate when society loses sense of stability, and general anxiety level rise. Lost of faith grossly enhances susceptibility to such mental infections, just as AIDS makes peoples vulnerable to microbes which otherwise are not pathogenic. Something is in the air, and this is not greenhouse gases; more probably, presentiment of world war.

The poster's web site is here.

It's in reference to the almost hysterical behavior of the Global Warming True Believers (GWTB), who are increasingly strident and refuse, largely, to even consider that they might be wrong. And of course refuse to consider the costs that they would inflict now for imputed benefits for our great grandchildren.

I'd extend this just so ever slightly: it also appears when socialists lose their sense of stability. The collapse of the SovUnion and the WarPact was the death-knell of socialism in the 20th century, and it'd be hard to find anyone outside of the True Believers in Socialism (TBiS) who would consider socialism a proper alternative to modern-day capitalism, with its warts and all.

But I think the case can be properly made for a confluence of the two: the TBiS and the GWTB are more often than not the same people, the organizations are there. Only the goals have changed: well, actually, the goal is the same, the facade has changed.

Instead of demanding control over the state and impoverishment for the masses in order to bring proletarian utopia to our grandchildren, there are now demands for control over the state and impoverishment for the masses in order to bring ecological utopia to our grandchildren.

Same w(h)ine, different bottles.

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