Donnerstag, November 24, 2005

The Problem with Chavez...

Yesterday's post points out how problematic private diplomacy can be.

Today's link points out why being buddies with Chavez is not really a very good idea.

He's financing revolution in Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Dominican Republic and Columbia. He's Castro with money and more years to live, spreading chaos and destruction in the name of justice and social equality, achieving neither and ultimately enriching himself at the cost of millions of people who will die if his ideas become reality. After all, his favorite politcian, after Castro, is Mao.

History repeating itself is farce. But this is farce of the blackest kind, since things are not going to get better for people who believe in his Bolivarist nonsense, but will get much, much worse.

And regarding yesterday's second post: why should the poor and impoverished masses in Venezuala - and indeed they remain so, despite oil wealth, which increasingly disappears into Chavez' pocket - subsidize US home owners living a life of comparative luxury?

But since when did something like that matter to a Kennedy...

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