Donnerstag, April 14, 2011

An Informed Electorate...

While the vote in the US doesn't happen for another, oh, 572 days, there is no time like the present for prospective voters to start informing themselves on the issues.

These two links (Part I here and Part II here) are from a fairly unlikely source: an Australian journal called Quadrant, which bills itself as a "journal of ideas, literature, poetry and historical and political debate".

Normally you'd expect modern orthodoxy from such a source, but the links take you to a sensible argument that AGW is, bluntly, a crock and really bad science masquerading as scientific orthodoxy and mainstream thought.

What is disappointing is that you have to go to Australia to get this sort of writing. The US press, the mainstream media (MSM), is failing in one of its self-anointed tasks: of helping people make an informed choice when they vote. The dogmatic orthodoxy that you see in the MSM does exactly the opposite: those who vociferously complain about the ignorance and stupidity of the average American voter are the same people who created the problem.

An informed electorate is the last thing the Left want, as maintaining the Left's myths and fairy tales require a significant lack of intellectual curiosity - a closed mind - and adherence to an orthodoxy that has never had anything to do with the empirical world.

Which is probably exactly why you have to go to Australia to get this sort of writing.

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