Donnerstag, März 10, 2011

Party Over...

Two items in today's WSJ.

First of all, this.

The academics running the Obama foreign policy are doing active harm to the US: this will have repercussions. They can retire when Obama is defeated in 2012 and pretend that it wasn't them who screwed things up, but reality will tell another story and history can be so cruel.

To quote from the link:

The U.S. needs to issue a more public, unequivocal statement of support for authentic representative government. And find an active policy to go with it.

Only a U.S. president can lead this fight. But he has to (truly) believe in it. There is a school of thought, popular around the Obama foreign-policy team, that the world would be better off without the myth of American exceptionalism and burdens like these that come with it. If this government can't summon more than rhetoric or a U.N. resolution on behalf of 10 up-and-running democratic movements in the Middle East, that exceptionalism will wither. I'm guessing the world won't be better for it.

This is an moment where the only explanation - besides gross and widespread incompetence - is that such an epic failure is deliberately desired and planned. Such an abdication of US interests amounts to gross negligence and outright treachery, not merely to US interests, but to fundamental human rights and the case for democracy world-wide.

It is supremely ironic that it is the Democratic Party that is pursuing these goals. That party now appears actively moving to make its name as much a farce as "Democratic Republic" was for the Communist rulers of Eastern Germany. Orwell knew what he was writing about.

This also points to the end of the party. Fundamentally, the US government is broke: it is spending far more than it takes in (I originally wrote "earns", but that only makes sense of confiscation is the same as earning) and while it can leverage quite a bit of this spending by using the government's cash flow, at some point the numbers cease to add up and the party is over. This is as true of government as it is for private persons: the only difference is scale and time. Raising taxes, given the already heavy overall general tax burden, would be counterproductive: the only way out of the debt problem is for spending to be cut drastically.

Let me repeat that: the only way out of the debt problem is for spending to be cut drastically.

I've always referred to NPR since my Washington, DC days as "National Pinko Radio". The liberal bias was excruciatingly obvious, with liberal opinions masquerading as facts. The insular nature of their broadcasts, those whom they interviewed regarding issues (invariably heavily weighted towards whatever liberal/Democratic Party talking point story they brought), the issues chosen: All Things Considered is anything but inclusive, preferring to talk endlessly about health care and gay marriage.

In a time when the government is funding Poetry for Cowboys (and thank you, Harry Ried, for giving us all such a lovely pinata to bang away at!) whilst running up massive deficits and increasing national debt, it is time for someone to say that the party is over.

The party is over.

It is time for the government to stop trying to do good. It is time to stop the madness of financing Poetry for Cowboys, for financing the NPR, for financing luxuries in a time when it is hard to pay for the necessities. The party is over. The place needs to be cleaned up, the drunken guests who have shit in the pool need to be tossed out, the remnants of the orgy have to be disinfected and we need to get the stains out of the couch, carpet and drapes. It's time to stop wondering how someone smashed a banana on the ceiling and get out the ladder to clean it off. It's time to get rid of the slackers lying on the couch watching mindless TV - sorry, I repeat myself there - and get them to work cleaning up the mess they made. The house is trashed, the vases broken, no one knows what killed the goldfish (but the water is yellow) and someone thought it was really funny to make the cat drink a bottle of beer. Now morning has arrived and it is time to save what is left of the house.

It is going to hurt to cut the budget drastically: however, it is hurting right now to ask your average Mr. and Ms. America to pay for Democratic excesses and sheer incompetence when it comes to money. It is time to get our house back in order, to clean out the pigsty, repaint the walls after fixing the cracks and dents, get the washing machine and dryer running full time so that we can get back to normal. There's been a lot of damage done and we have to pay the bills, but this is not the time to head out golfing in the hope that someone else does the job.

Ye gods. It is time that the adults are back in charge.

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