Sonntag, Februar 27, 2011

Ah, the sweet delicious irony of it all...

This is simply too ironic to let go unnoticed.

The left is now calling for Gadaffi to be prosecuted and brought to justice.

Using the same arguments that justified the toppling of Saddam Hussein.

First, this:

Terrorism - at least where it is a policy of an organization and not a one-off incident - must surely be a crime against humanity since it is directed, like Gaddafi's present actions, against a civilian population.

Next, this:

...there is now a duty of intervention on the international community, existing under international law, 'whenever it becomes necessary to stop or to punish crimes against humanity'. He sees this as resting on the doctrine of a 'responsibility to protect'.

The illogical anger of the opposition to the Iraq war was and is irrational and absurd. Some of these people wouldn't know right from wrong if they were smacked upside the head with it, which is exactly what is happening.

How ironic. Don't you think?

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