Dienstag, Januar 11, 2011

Blood On Their Hands...

Reading this in the WSJ got me to thinking.

I've not commented on the Arizona shootings because there is too much going on and already too much vitriol - from the left - that it scarcely deserves serious thought.

But seeing that article and the sheer bloody-mindedness that has led to the deaths of many, let's consider this: that the "progressives" in our society are the most dangerous elements in society.

Not because they want to overthrow established principles in the name of progress, not because they want to spend all of your money as do-gooders on pet projects.

No, rather because they are dangerous in their ignorance, dangerous in their deeds, and dangerous in their intentions.

The key quote in the link above is this:

The editor of the Lancet, Richard Horton, sent Dr. Wakefield's paper to six reviewers, four of whom rejected it. That should have been enough to preclude publication. But Mr. Horton thought the paper was provocative and published it anyway.

In other words, Mr. Horton put his own opinions above that of scientific research, choosing to publish bad science in the name of ... what?

Pretending that vaccines are bad for you? Making up a story to further your career? Living in a fantasy world where science is debased into opinion and peer review destroyed - and it has been most thoroughly by the likes of Mr. Horton and by the Global Warming Alarmist Industry, which has rigged peer review to the point of censorship - in order to be "provocative"?

Why not, after all, it's risk-free for the editor. Nothing is going to happen to him: if, at the worst, he comes under fire for being a really bad editor, he can say "but I thought it would be an interesting topic for greater discussion".

Too bad kids have died for this.

The same sort of risk-free political nonsense permeates the left. They can call for the welfare state and insist that the primary role of government is to do good, that progressives have a right to re-make society into something they think is better (destroying family structures and economies along the way). That's why you see the vitriol coming from them in the wake of the Arizona shootings: they think, seriously, that anyone who disagrees with them is not just wrong, but are, necessarily, bad people.

The truth is that the left is seriously irresponsible. You can't trust them with the simplest of tasks, let alone complex ones.

And they have blood on their hands. They just don't see it as blood, but rather necessary sacrifices for the greater good.

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