Freitag, Juli 30, 2010

Poverty in Gaza...

Poverty in Gaza appears to be a function of party membership.

Or, more exactly, the lack of party membership.

Read this and see.

And consider the source: an Egyptian journalist, published in the paper Al-Ahram.

The only reason there is poverty in Gaza is Hamas:

The problem is the vast differences in the distribution of wealth. The luxury resorts and wide range of consumer goods are enjoyed by "only a few groups," he said, primarily those who own smuggling tunnels to Egypt and those who work for international organizations such as the United Nations' UNRWA and who do not include or aid the rest of the population.

Most of the new resorts "are owned by members, or associates, of Hamas," he reported. "In addition, the Hamas municipalities charge high fees, in Gaza terms, for the use of public beaches," he added.

Al-Houl quoted political activist Mustafa Ibrahim as saying that while Gaza's rich invest in the leisure industry, 80% of residents rely on UNRWA, and unemployment is approximately 45%. "This creates a distorted picture," Ibrahim explained.

In other words, the situation in Gaza is no different than in the West Bank, or indeed anywhere else in the Arab world. A small elite, thoroughly corrupt and willing to kill to maintain power, dominates the state and economy, keeping the majority of the population in poverty, channeling the anger generated by poverty for political purposes.

There is no fundamental reason for those living in Gaza to be poor. The Israeli blockade is not the cause of poverty in Gaza.

Hamas is. End of story.

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