Donnerstag, Oktober 22, 2009

This Day In History...

On this day of Our Lord, 22 October, the following happened:

I was born on the day that the British tested a nuclear device in
Maralinga, Australia;

I was one year old when US forces suffered their first casualty in Vietnam;

I was six years old when President Kennedy announced the air and naval
blockade of Cuba;

I was seven years old (and living in Chicago!) when 225,000 students
boycott Chicago schools in Freedom Day protest;

I was eight years old when Apollo 7 returned to Earth;

I was also eight years old when Sartre received and declined the Nobel
Prize for Literature;

I was 10 years old when the Soviets launched Luna 12;

I was 10 years old when The Supremes became the first all-girl group
to have a number 1 hit on the Billboard Charts;

I was 15 years old when the UN Security Council declared a cease-fire
in the Yom-Kippur War (Resolution 338);

I was 17 years old when Venera-9 soft-landed on Venus;

I was 22 years old when the first Trans-America drive was completed
(from south to north);

I was 22 years old when Pope John Paul II was installed;

I was 23 years old when the US allowed the Shah of Iran to travel to
New York for medical treatment;

I was 24 years old when the South Korean Constitution was ratified;

I was 25 years old when PATCO was decertified for its strike;

I was 25 years old when US Federal Debt exceeded $1 tr for the first time;

oddly enough, "history" ends here: apparently this day has been quiet
ever since (besides some sports events).

If today was a Sunday, it'd be Mother-In-Law Day in the US (yikes!);

I share my birthday (but not birthyear!) with Cherie Witter, Miss
February, 1985;

so do Derek Jacobi, Dr. Timothy Leary, Franz Liszt, Sarah Bernhardt,
John Reed, Karl Jansky (found cosmic radio noise), Joan Fontaine,
Robert Rauschenberg, Bobby Seale,Christopher Lloyd, Annette Funicello,
Catherine Deneuve, Deepak Chopra, Lee Meredith, Patti Davis, Jeff
Goldblum and all the others.

Where has the time gone...

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