Montag, September 28, 2009

Oh, The Hypocrisy...

I know, I know.

Pointing out the liberals are hypocritical is like pointing out that the Internet is full of wackos...or that New Coke was pretty bad. Something like that...

But this deserves comment.

It's a Doonesbury cartoon, which oddly enough I continue to read, since it can be ... illuminating about many things.

In this case, it's Gary Trudeau's reaction to people comparing the Obama Administration's critics pointing out that the government takeover of so many aspects of the economy and some ...aspects of the ... dedication of Obama followers to President Obama (such as teaching children to sing his praises...) does indeed resemble some aspects of European fascist thought and program from the 1930s.

He ridicules the comparison, which, to be honest, is fair enough: there are gaping holes in the argument of those who would make the comparison.

But the question then arises: was this a repeat column from, say, 2003? After all, it was the liberals and their ilk who routinely demonized President Bush and compared him directly to Hitler; hence this is a repeat, right?


It's an excellent example of how hypocritical liberalism and the left in the United States has become. We are seeing the beginning not of the liberal crackup - that happened under Reagan - but much more the progressive crackup. This administration will help the destruction of what passes for left thought outside of academia as his policies fail and are repudiated: academia will remain a bastion of the leftists, as there is no hope there for actual intellectual discussion and debate. We'll simply have to wait it out until academics either retire or their departments are made superfluous because no one really wants to study the feminist deconstruction of 17th century Tuscan poetry without some serious grant money being involved. Which, because the economy has tanked, is drying up.

Good riddance. I'd be more than happy to entertain discussions with liberals if they were to at least recognize how far gone they are, that this sort of hypocrisy increasingly disqualifies them from meaningful discussion.

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