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This Is What Appeasement Looks Like...


The world gone mad.

This in the original, this is the translation via Watching America.

Someone by the name of Andrea Nüsse is arguing that the West must attend the Anti-Racism Conference of the UN because...


...we have to listen to other opinions.

The argument is that we should go to these conferences, sit there through the hate tirades and the absurdities, the search for scapegoats, the demand for massive monies for slights real but largely imagined, because...otherwise there is no dialogue.

This is what appeasement, modern appeasement looks like. The UN Anti-Racism Conference is a Kafkaesque farce, a picture-perfect example of turning something on its head: those in charge are the worst offenders.

In her words, Ms. Nüsse shows she doesn't understand this: she thinks that such a conference can actually have meaning.

It can't.

This conference is a complete and total farce: by insisting that it is wrong not to be there, not to lend legitimacy to the proceedings, means nothing less than the belief that this conference is real and the resolutions are in some way an actual expression of the UN's opinion.

This is the modern face of appeasement: of giving virulent Jew haters a platform to spew their poisonous diatribes, legitimizing them with the false tale of "we need to listen to their opinions" because if we don't, then the resolutions will be harsh.

I say: let them be harsh, let them condemn Israel for crimes imagined and imaginary. Let them rant and rave, let them de-legitimize the UN as a functioning organization.

Because it's not. The UN is a joke, a bad one, where barbarians play at being statesmen, where murderous thugs pat each other on the back and say it's their victims fault because they failed to give in to their perfectly fair demands.

I'm not one who wants to shut the UN down: it has its uses, largely for diplomatic communication, for getting statistical offices to agree on classification systems, for decent population forecasts.

But we need to hold up the clowns at the UN - which is about 90% of the diplomats there - for public ridicule and for tearing away the facade of legitimacy that gives a collection of thugs and thieves who are able to wrap themselves in the mantle of failed countries somehow the same status as legitimate governments, supported by their population and supportive of those who they govern.

Remember, the art of diplomacy is saying "Nice Dog" while finding a big stick.

Appeasement is hoping the dog just wants to play, that he won't do anything, that you can tell, even though his teeth are bared and he is growling, he's really just friendly because his tail is wagging. He's not vicious, he just wants to play.

Some animals do play with their food before killing it.

Too bad that so many seem to want to go along with this playing.

There's no place for dialog here, just as there is no place for a dialog with a pack of animals intent on dinner. This Conference was excised from the UN a number of years ago because the worst evil-doers ended up running it: the current incarnation is no better. Cancel the conference entirely and bring it back next year, but this time as a vehicle to humiliate the loonies.

Otherwise, it's a complete and total waste of time. There is no opinion there to listen to: there are no facts, there are no legitimate grievances, there are no right and proper discussions: there is only rantings, there is only abuse, there is only manifestations of evil.

Appease that?

The mind boggles.

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