Mittwoch, Januar 14, 2009

California Dreamin' ...

If despair were not a sin, I would despair.

Lawyers exist to advise people on the law. They create nothing on their own, but provide such services to those who actually are out there making things and creating value.

The problem is when lawyers get a tad ... ambitious. Ambulance-chasing has become not merely honorable, it seems.

But it's worse than that. When they work for the government, lawyers also make rules. That's fine: that's why they're there. The problem arises when lawyers and politicians get together - or are indeed one and the same - and the rules are designed to do by bureaucracy what the legislator wouldn't dare do in a public process. Like close down manufacturing companies because they use icky chemicals. Because they don't do it according to "standards".

This is what happens. Yes, it's a link to Surfer Magazine. Never thought I'd ever do that, but it has to do with someone who was innovative, who set up a successful business, who is now facing the loss of his business, massive fines, financial ruin and maybe even some jail time.

Because he set standards. When the regulatory people came, they demanded compliance with "standards". The problem? His standards - and he created his own industry - weren't "the" standards, and indeed there were no standards except for his standards. But by not being in compliance with "standards", he faces massive punitive fines and the elimination of his business.

And the ironic bit: he gave the interest group behind the legislation that is putting him out of business their start-up money.

Talk about biting the hand that feeds ya...

Oh, and a hat tip to Chicago Boyz via InstaPundit...

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