Mittwoch, November 05, 2008

My Wish for the Country...

... is that the newly elected President Obama doesn't suffer the same fate that President Bush has.

Why do I put it that way?

Because of this, written by a Democrat, an investigative reporter and lawyer.

He's right. The last 8 years have been a disgrace.

But not for the reasons that many might think. Go read that article before anything else.

There are a lot of people out there who should be ashamed of themselves, but not only aren't, but have made careers for themselves, in the worst possible way.

And here a small credo for the next 4 years, having seen the wreckage that a partisan press has left behind it. Let's not even talk about the blogosphere. I don't think that I've been guilty of such behavior as listed below, but I am stating them here specifically as making it clear to readers here where I will continue to stand and to post:

I will not engage in thuggish behavior, substituting ad hominem arguments for rational discourse for the pleasure of venting anger and disappointment;

I will deal with the facts, not with conjecture and speculation;

I will lay out my arguments, work my way through them, and argue my position with logic and first principles;

Occam's Razor will be sharpened daily and applied ruthlessly: if the simpler explanation works, the complex explanation loses;

I will speak no evil except of evil.

This election marks the end of BDS as a political argument: there will be no ODS here; doesn't mean that I won't point out that the king has no clothes.

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