Freitag, Oktober 24, 2008

Fraud, Fraud, Thy Name Is ... Obama

Powerline has hit it again: read this here. It takes you to how to commit fraud by donating, more or less anonymously, to the Obama campaign. This is illegal and prohibited, yet the Obama campaign has deliberately enabled its web site to permit this.

This enables campaign financing fraud. That's the first fraud.

Second, ACORN continues to actively commit voter registration fraud. See here and here and here. It's not one or two isolated incidents: see this as well. It is systematic fraud that attacks the legitimacy of the entire democratic process. That's the second fraud.

The campaign of Obama is intimately involved in both cases: the evidence is mounting that this election looks to be one of the most corrupted in history, with massive violations of both campaign financing laws and voter registration fraud.

The Obama campaign is planning on putting together a team of no less than 5000 lawyers for election day injunctions, lawsuits and the like, as well as blocking any Republican attempt to question voter registration and balloting.

What does this say about the Obama campaign and, necessarily, about Obama?

First, a total lack of respect of existing laws. The facilitation of illegal campaign contributions isn't a trivial thing, but is rather an act that has long-lasting consequences that cannot be redressed: if The Obama is elected and it is then shown that he financed at least a part of his campaign illegally, you can't turn the election out and try again. The political repercussions are too great, and the US is made a laughing stock.

Second, the attempt to stuff ballot boxes - an old Democratic Party machine practice, especially in Chicago - is nothing less than the attempt to nullify the election itself, by making it impossible to determine whether Obama was actually elected by a clear majority of those who were legitimately voting, or whether the system was gamed to make the election moot.

Third: why are they doing this?

There are two reasons.

1) Getting Obama elected is more important than the law.

2) This is a direct attack on democracy. More exactly, by perpetrating - and getting away with - wide-scale campaign financing and vote fraud, those in charge of committing this fraud have effectively made the vote corrupt.

This is the reason for their actions: it's not enough to elect Obama, but their actions go further. They want to make the existing system, the system that has worked largely well for over 200 years, appear to be no longer capable of avoiding such fraud, and there will be calls for election system reform.

We'll be seeing calls to "reform" the system, calls to eliminate the electoral college, calls for change. Change is, after all, what Obama preaches.

We'll see, following this, calls for changing the way the government works. Most fundamentally, given the extreme difficulty of changing the constitution, what we will see are calls for a constitutional convention to re-write the constitution, purportedly to put in things "that will benefit us all" or words to that effect.

What people don't realize is that a constitutional convention can change everything. It can change the 1st Amendment to stifle politically unacceptable speech; it can eliminate the 2nd Amendment; it can literally re-write the constitution.

If a constitutional convention is called, what changes? Everything. The "Progressives" will make it sound like a small update, a modernization of the Constitution, but in reality it will be destroyed and replaced by some abomination.

As things are, any such changes to the Constitution must be ratified by a majority of states. This can be changed.

The more anyone with an open mind looks at the Obama campaign, the clearer the fraud is.

As others have said, this isn't your typical election: the Democrats, especially with their fraud, may well have effectively complete control of the legislative and executive branches. The judicial branch is what then remains independent, and that is not eternal.

Fear for the Republic. For that is what we have had. May we keep it still...


Anonym hat gesagt…

Greetings! I am a watch collector living in the US, and I happened upon your blog while reviewing some watches that I am interested in. My name is Bruce. First of all, based upon your post, you seemed to be a pretty intelligent person until I read this post concerning Obama and he purported "fraud". Nonsense. I've been personally volunteering for Obama's campain for over a year, and the voter fraud certainly not evident in any of our registration activities. Does this mean that there aren't some unscruptulous people out there, who think they are "helping" either campaign by doing some grey area work? Possibly, but this isn't isolated to the Obama campaign. A personal example. My daughter and her family moved from Palm Beach Florida to Cincinnati over two years ago. She registed in her new county in Ohio, and has voted several times. The problem started about a month ago. She keeps receiving official Florida absentee ballots once per week from the Republican Party, asking that she vote as a Florida resident and mail it in. The last one she received came directly from the McCain campaign. I just took a copy to the attorney general of her county, and they are very concerned about this, and plan to investigate this matter, but it won't happen until after the election. It doesn't appear to be an accident, but intentional voter fraud. I was a registered Republican for 35-years, and I changed my registration to Democrat so I can help Obama/Biden get elected. Like McCain, I fought for this country, and watched many good comrades die, several in my arms, which turned out to be for nothing more than a political lie. It's happened all over again in Iraq, and must stop. Keep an open mind, man. No matter where you live. Take care.......Bruce

John F. Opie hat gesagt…

Hi -

First of all, thank you for your service to the country.

We will have to disagree. I can't take your word that there is no fraud: the fraud is there in the lack of control over campaign contributions.

And my mind is open. It's just that the partisanship on the other side is so extreme that it makes it impossible to have sensible discussions: you yourself use the argumentum ad hominem fallacy against me here (you think I'm intelligent until I posted this: the implication is because I posted this, I'm not: that's irrelevant to the question, but is typical of the political climate today...)

John F. Opie hat gesagt…

Oh, and Bruce: take a look here:

This is fraud, nothing less.