Mittwoch, September 17, 2008

Assigning the Fox to Investigate Why the Henhouse was Raided...

This is really rich.

Pelosi has tasked Barney Frank to investigate what went down last weekend on Wall Street, what happened to Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, and generally to see what went wrong.

And Waxman is to be involved as well.

This is going to be nothing but the modern version of show trials, people, with deliberate falsification of the role that people like Barney Frank played in this financial crisis.

To make this clear before history is re-written: Barney Frank used all of his influence to ensure that the Bush Administration could not reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, both of whom were politically staffed - and stacked - with Democrats to ensure that the Democrats has a firm grip on the reigns of political spending by these two organizations.

This is perfidious: what the Democrats will try to do here is to shift the blame from themselves to the White House. They will claim it was Bush's responsibility to make sure that these institutions were properly run, but will deny to their graves that they blocked the reforms that the Bush administration tried to get through Congress - controlled, of course, by the Democrats - in order to do so. And by claiming now the right to investigate, they will effectively control the "truth-finding" process (I put that in quotes because they're not interested in the truth...) to ensure that this doesn't blow up in their faces before the election, but rather first in the new year.

For them, it's the perfect storm. They point their fingers and rant and rave and say, basically, "Look what you made me do!" when in fact they are the guilty ones. And by controlling the process, they hope and pray to control the outcome.

Words fail me: this is the attempt to take control of finding out the facts so that the only facts found are the ones that do no harm to them and as much harm as possible, with spin, to their opponents.

My prediction: they'll put Jamie Gorelick on whatever committee is formed as their designated hatchetwoman.

Corrupt bastards, a trio infernale: Pelosi, Frank, Waxman. Let's just hope that the blogosphere nails them. Because the Press won't.

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