Freitag, Juli 25, 2008

Well, Isn't That Special II


Let's see: you go to one of the absolute top religious sites of the world to pay your respects and get some footage for a campaign spot (well, they call it the news, but we know better...).

So what do you do to ensure that no one misses who you are?

Right: plaster the place with campaign posters.

What idiot thought up that one? Putting up campaign posters on police barricades?

The only thing that Obama and his people - or should I say Soros and the other plutocrats, who are financing this newest attempt at stealing an election - are interested in is being elected. Nothing else matters.

Nothing like piety for the sacred. Heck, screw that, put up a campaign poster instead!

And no, it's not traditional to do so.

You know, I think that Obama and his people are giving new meaning to the phrase "Ugly American".

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