Sonntag, Februar 03, 2008

And a small follow-up...

I ran across this today.

It just goes to underscore that the Greens are willing to sacrifice anything and everything to protect their version of the truth and remove any dissent from the program: it is, has been and will always be about control.

And here is a top-ten list that simply - and sensibly - lays out what environmentalists need to consider:

10. Go after pollution sources with the highest benefit/cost ratio, not those which are most noticeable.

9. It is always best and often vital to utilize existing infrastructure and capabilities when implementing new methods or technologies.

8. "Natural" "Organic" and "Bio" do not mean "good."

7. Plans for the future should not be made on the most optimistic predictions and should consider the most pessimistic reasonable predictions.

6. Simply attacking an environmentally damaging activity is not effective unless a better alternative of similar or better economics and usefulness is presented.

5. Taxation, price increases and caps on energy are inherently regressive and cause great damage.

4. It is unreasonable to expect the general public will accept major reductions in living standards or comfort and convenience. Simply put, it won't happen.

3. Depending on continuous heavy subsidies is not sustainable.

2. Every little bit does not help.

1. Sacrificing the needs of an economy for the environment will destroy both.

While each and every point is good, it is 5 and 4 that lead to 1. The damage caused is real, in terms of opportunities lost and futures denied: anyone wanting to deny progress, real progress instead of the reactionary nature of "progressives", is fundamentally interested in controlling his fellow men and should be seen as a fundamental threat to any and all democratic, representative governments. It's really as simple as that...

And now I'm just waiting for someone to tell me to take this down because it's harmful to the environmental movement...go to the link to see what I mean (see the comments...)

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