Freitag, Juni 29, 2007

Making it clear...

This is one of the best posts I've seen yet on what assimilation really means: it means letting go.

One of the truly great things about the US is the fact that anyone can come and become an American: you don't have to be born there, you don't have to accept a state religion, you don't have to do anything except try to realize the American dream.

What is that? Simply put, to make the best out of your life, put the bad behind and go forth into the future. Make the future yours, not what someone else wants it to be for you.

This is the key quote:

You start as the Outsider and wind up the Insider, or at least being viewed as such by the newest Outsiders. We are a nation of still-startling social fluidity. Anyone can become "American," but they have to want to first.

That's about as clear as anyone can make it.

And it's also the problem with the illegals: they're not here to become Americans, they're here for the money.

If you want to become an American, you have to want it: you have to accept the obligations with the rights and privileges. Illegals don't: they refuse the obligations, wanting something for nothing, refusing to give up the old for the new.

Meaning, as well, that they'll never become Americans. They've already become a secondary society, apart, resistant and rejecting of the American dream.

And there are people want to make them citizens? Who want to give them amnesty?

That'd be a lovely gesture. But political suicide.

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