Freitag, März 30, 2007

Surprise, surprise, surprise...

Every once in a while - a very long while - there does appear something in the German media that makes you wonder.

Read this.

Now, this is so untypical for a piece of German journalism that you wonder if somebody kidnapped his kids and made him write this.

But it's not. While there are huge numbers of left-wing idiots (sorry, I repeat myself) in journalism that couldn't distinguish between propaganda and reality if it came and bit them, there are plenty of "real" Germans, those who bother to exercise their brains, who know the difference.

It's a lovely piece, but I can't help wondering why it was published in Der Spiegel, which is sort of a cross between Time and Newsweek with a big chunk of vulgar marxism added in.

Guess the guy who wrote it - Claus Christian Malzahn - has a soft spot for us unlamented, backwards capitalists. Here's lookat a tyou... :-)

And thanks ...

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