Freitag, Februar 23, 2007


There is so much to say. And Blogger forget to post this two days ago...

First of all you have the Democrats in their "Geworfenheit" (hard to translate German word: means "thrownness", in the Heideggerian sense) towards the death of their party. Embracing defeat as a way of life condemns them to irrelevance. They are on the record of showing their support not for the troops, but for the failure of the troops. Spin any way you want to, but the blood is on their hands. Pelosi and Murtha are a catastrophe for the party: the Democrats have failed miserably to understand why they lost the last presidential election, believing instead that their electoral success last November had everything to do with them and nothing to do with the abject failure of the Republicans to get their message across (of course, the Republicans do operate under the handicap of having their policies and words spun by the media against them...).

Why is it a catastrophe for the Dems? Because it is picking the wrong fight. Fighting a sitting president, regardless of his ratings, over executive rights - that which are constitutionally apportionated to the President - is a mistake, as Newt Gingrich found out when he tried to shut down the government. What the democrats have done is to attack the moral right of the President, under the system of government in the US, to wage war with the approval of Congress, but without voting instead to revoke the right of the President to conduct war, as was given to him by the Congress. In other words, it's a weasel act. The Democrats in this act showed their craven indebtedness to the antiwar left: an antiwar left that has everything to do with the old antiwar left and nothing to do with the world today.

The Democrats, fundamenally, appear intent on forcing a constitutional crisis on the President's war-making ability based not on an actual constitutional crisis, but rather on the fact that the war is unpopular and that the reasons that the US went to war were, in the eyes of the Democrats, mistaken. They weren't mistaken: review the facts, not the myth.

Further, what happens to the Democrats when the surge is successful, as all signs show it being? They've gone on public record of actively disapproving of something that is going to work, and that will backfire in their faces.

Second, you have the sad and tired Europeans completely clueless about what they are doing to themselves. They are not merely actively trading with a country that wants them thrown down and trampled on, but they are even subsidizing it because of the failure of their economies to adapt the the flattening of the world. No one is apparently interested in the open and deliberate evil perpetrated by the Iranian government - the ruckus raised by the left because of the execution of homosexuals and other "deviants" is overwhelming in its absence - because it would mean agreeing with Bush. Iran is arming Bosnian Muslims, but let's not talk about that because it would mean agreeing with Bush. And rather than talking the facts, the only talk from the left is their stencil of how this is *just* like the run-up to Iraq.

No talk of the suffering of the Iranians under their theocratic overlords, the systematic repression of human nature and the systematic denial of human rights in the name of a medieval belief structure - sorry, I'm insulting the Arab medievalists, it's pre-medieval, barbaric - no talk of anything remotely like the facts, the reality of the situation.

And thirdly, the tragedy of our times is its ahistoricity, its lack of thinking how history provides us with references that helps to explain today, that the errors of the past illuminate the errors of today. The global warming alarmists tell us to do what they say and a future world will be better: that is exactly what the eugenics movement did as well. The Germans were particularly good at eugenics, weeding their genetic base by 10 mn before the end of WW2; before they went that far, though, they had the massiv support of many scientists and institutions like the Ford Foundation and other god-damned do-gooders.

There is a quote from HL Mencken that is applicable: The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule it.

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