Montag, Juli 17, 2006

Why The Democrats Still Don't Understand It...

This shows that while some Democrats have learned to actually think, that the party as a whole is still adrift and doomed.

Air America is failing because no one wants to listen.

The demography of Democratic supporters, those who finance the party, says it all: the party is behoven to big moneyed interests, be it the unions (who are deeply undemocratic in spending their member's money) or the fat cats like Soros and his ilk. They have become what they always say the Republicans are, whose financing oddly enough is now grass-roots based and comes from their consituency.

Sad, really.

What this money means is that the radicalization of Democratic politics will continue at the cost of any sort of centrist development. Are we sure that Karl Rove isn't advising these folks?

Their pseudo-religious righteous anger won't win them elections: while "energizing" their base (all I can think of is the Energizer Bunny) it alienates the vast majority of voters, especially when you look a tad past the veneer and see how radical some of these folks really are.

And the secrecy is probably in violation of some sort of campaign or financing law - IANAL, so I don't know for sure - but is certainly indicative of the fundamental cowardice of these donors - they fear the light of publicity - and their fundamental contempt for how the American elective system is run.


Brian Varitek hat gesagt…

As a liberal, I find the secrecy around this group to be quite annoying (there's nothing illegal about it, BTW, the far right has 1020000 groups just like this), but I don't feel that it can turn moderate voters away. When the far right base of Republicans are vocal, it doesn't drive moderates away, and Republicans have been all but taken over by the far right, whereas far left groups have barely scratched the Democrat surface.

John F. Opie hat gesagt…

Hi Brian -

Thanks for your comment.

While there may be nothing illegal, it still remains unethical to not have transparency as to your funding.

I'd sincerely disagree with your take on the Republicans, but then again I sincerely disagree with your take on the Democrats. :-)

It seems to me that Kos and the whole MoveOn groups are increasingly becoming the institutions of the Democratic party, reflected in the amazing choice of Dean as party chairman.

But I think we're agreed in the need for transparency, or am I reading that wrong?