Donnerstag, Januar 19, 2012

Yes, it's been a while...

My apologies for letting this go dark.

It's not that there isn't anything to say: rather, there is too much to say. Add to that a heavy work load, and my time is extremely limited.

Part of the reason for silence is my sheer and utter disgust at how the world is working right now: dishonesty and prevarication have become new art forms; most - albeit not all - couldn't see the truth if she came up to them and slapped them directly in their faces; the errors of commission are dominant and vastly outweigh simple errors of omission.

The pro-cyclical behavior of policy makers is leading to an increase in volatility everywhere, not a reduction. Keynes has been vastly misunderstood and misinterpreted and his name is now used (vainly) to justify pro-cyclical policies that make things worse, rather than better. If I weren't fairly immune to conspiracy theories - having read too many of them over the last several decades, starting with grassy knolls and Potomac River parks - I'd venture to say that the only plausible reason for many policies is that those behind them want pro-cyclical variances to increase in order to take advantage of them, going short on the downswing and long on the upswing, driving the system to destruction.

The more complex society and civilization is, the easier it is to destroy it. The more people there are living in cities (and today that is almost the definition of civilization) the greater their vulnerability to those who would disrupt the flow of food, water and energy (and waste products), be it in the name of Allah or in the pursuit of yet another billion in profits.

The inmates are running the asylum. There is no other explanation.

At some point the tragedies will come.

Greece is only a few weeks away from a private hell of their own making, and the likelihood of a long, slow, painful and completely predictable decline for many countries.

The greatest tragedy of all?

That no one listens. I won't claim to be writing this for fame (let alone fortune), but right now I'm playing the role of Cassandra on more than one front and it does not fit me well.

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Stephanie in Denver, Colorado hat gesagt…

Thank you for returning. I value your observations and writing very much indeed.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hey! You're back! I was afraid this blog had gone dark for good. Like Stephanie, I always enjoy reading about your take on the state of the world and the troubles ahead. Thanks for returning to the interwebs.